Australia’s Youngest
Creative Team


Working with Australia’s youngest/cutest creative team

What are children thankful for when they beat cancer? That’s the question we asked ourselves on route to creating Playtime, an omni-channel concept that connected adults to their inner-child (and their inner wallets), exploring life-after cancer from the perspective of children.

To crack this brief we ‘enlisted’ Australia’s youngest/cutest advertising team William, Madison and Emily (WME), cancer survivors that also happen to be our talent. After working closely with them for a day, we discovered that beating cancer simply meant more time to play.

This lead to the concept you see today. The campaign launched with 40,000 DM packs, garnered a swell of online interest and is one of Cancer Council NSW’s most popular campaigns.

The Garden Gnome Project


Our ‘Garden Gnome Project’ leveraged a key insight in heart-health marketing, namely that heart failure is a topic people that rather not talk about, even though it’s Australia’s no.1 killer. 
There’s no use talking to a brick wall though, so we conceptualised a targeted campaign that reconnected The Heart Foundation with people via a common interest… gardening.
The Garden Gnome Project was born. To date Gnorman the Gnome, who is sold as a backend premium, has helped raise awareness on the value of regular excercise and, more importantly, profit. He is stocked in nurseries (for free). And is one of our most effective fundraising campaigns. 

Giving All
Children a Voice.


The Shepherd Centre is the NFP helping deaf children to enter Grade 1 like ordinary children do and enjoy the same opportunities that ordinary children enjoy.

Each year, a new class graduates onto ‘big-school’. This year, we were lucky enough to be invited along to capture the emotions, stories and big happy smiles for the ‘Graduations’ DM pack.

It was a wonderful day and its importance wasn’t lost on our donors that responded to the pack in near-record numbers.

Brave, Hilarious,
Pink Ribbon Women


To our brave, hilarious, spunky Pink Ribbon Women,
Without you we would have failed in our mission to inspire NSW to beat all women cancers for Pink Ribbon Day, including breast cancer. So thank you.

You’ve faced and defeated cancer. But still, it takes enormous strength and courage to volunteer to be photographed naked by Jez Smith, one of Australia’s top photographers.
Not to mention, to have that photo published on billboards, street-vertising, shopping centres, sent to thousands of homes statewide and let loose on the internet.
You’re an inspiration to us all. Your efforts helped raise over 5 million dollars in the fight to beat all women cancers.
Sincerely, the gracious team at March One.

The idea for Pink Ribbon Day was to symbolically unite women under the pink ribbon banner. This campaign also introduced the expansion from breast cancer research to all women cancers.

We jump into the fight to beat cancer.


Leap into Leap Day is an awareness and fundraising day that encourages people to jump into the brawl to beat cancer every leap year. Invented and funded by March One, Leap into Leap Day officially earned $6,230 for Cancer Council via our ‘Dare to Leap’ campaign where adventurous people leapt out of planes, leapt off cliffs (with ropes) and leapt over cars on motorcycles all for donations. It was an amazing day. Bring on 2016!

The day supported the campaign that a leap year gave us one extra day in the year to thank all the donors who support Cancer Council in their research, prevention and support programs. We created a special pack to send out to all donors with the intention to thank them 366 times. One for every day in the leap year!



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