The Samoan way will change your life

(or improve it at the very least).

I was talking to a good friend of mine this morning about my surf trip to Samoa and how – surprisingly – my biggest take out wasn’t the perfect waves, pristine reefs and once in a lifetime chance to play Robinson Crusoe, but rather how connected Samoan people are to each other and the world they live in.

To be honest, we all know we’re getting a bums rush at connectivity. We spend hours on social media enjoying the dream of connectivity. But c’mon. Facebook, Linkedin, and the rest of them are no substitute for look-you-in-the-eyes connection. It’s just not!

So today, between your meetings, greetings, blogs, pods and book-time, choose the Samoan way. Put down your phone. Invite a friend over for a coffee, wine, beer and a hug.

You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel.