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Our Mission

To put Humans first.

To do this we help you build relationships that stand the test of time — relationships that are reciprocal, rewarding, connected and above all, human.

With us in your corner you’ll have over 70 years of international advertising and marketing expertise to draw on, backed up with an enviable track record of delivering effective programs for some of Australia’s most respected not-for-profits.

Meet Our Team

What we do

We often say that March One is the small ad agency with the big heart, offering all the benefits of commercial advertising to mission-based organisations like yours.

Marketing and Strategy

  • Brand Strategy
  • Appeals & Donor Servicing
  • Communication Planning
  • Donor Acquisition
  • Retention Program Design and Execution
  • Research, Data & Planning
  • Peer2Peer Acquisition
  • Print & Project Management


  • Strategic Creative Direction
  • Brand Creation
  • Concept Creation
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Design for all mediums
  • Finished art and delivery


We’re always looking for humans who share our values. So if you’re looking for a contract, creative freelance, or full-time role, and want to use your marketing, advertising or creative skills for a higher purpose, get in touch with us now.

Or if you a supplier looking for partnerships that serve the greater good, drop us a line.

Our people

Your core team at March One.

Meet the humans behind Human Centered Fundraising. We’re always up for a chat!

  • Greg Bechly / Managing Director (Owner)
  • Ben Coverdale / Creative Director (Owner)
  • Erica Price / Account Director
Greg Bechly / Managing Director (Owner)
Greg Bechly

Greg Bechly

Managing Director (Owner)

Not many people know that it was Greg who called the first ever meeting to create the agency that became March One.

Greg had a ‘Jerry Maguire Moment’ after tossing and turning one night, worried about his job, where he was heading and what kind of world he was creating. He invited Russell and Ben to an impromptu meeting after work the next day…and March One was born.

Greg’s next epiphany came after seeing how much time and treasure so many causes spent on acquiring new donors, only to lose them soon after. Now his mission is to help clients transform donors into true believers, creating relationships for life.

That’s the kind of human Greg is. He rolls up his sleeves and gets involved. Quickly appraising a situation, identifying what needs need attention, and bringing people together to focus on how to solve the problem.

Greg’s excited by the range of clients we get to work with each day and that each of you also share his passion for helping people.

And where would you find Greg when he’s not working?

“I’m either in the workshop crafting my wooden dinghies or on the harbour sailing them.”

Ben Coverdale / Creative Director (Owner)
Ben Coverdale

Ben Coverdale

Creative Director (Owner)

It was New Years Day 2000 when Ben made the big decision to chuck in his job as an electrician and follow his childhood dream to study and work in creativity. It only took 14 years, six agencies, three relocations, two degrees (Bus Mkg & Ecc), and his last dollar. But today he is a proud Owner and Creative Director of a fundraising agency on the rise…and he couldn’t be happier.

Ben is known within the industry for his knack for finding the story in every brief and telling it in a compelling way. He follows his creative process religiously, using it to simplify and emotify every communication in ways that turn donors into true believers.

As a Creative Director, Ben is honoured to use his ideas to help people. He respects that solid ideas can only be found in hard yards and works that much harder to reach the right idea for each and every brief you give him.

And where would you find Ben when he’s not working?

“You’ll probably find me in or beside the ocean on the world’s most incredible playground, the Central Coast.”

Erica Price / Account Director
Erica Price

Erica Price

Account Director

With her degree in Marketing in hand, Erica joined the world of PR before deciding to turn her incredible skills to helping others. That was four years ago. Today she’s an expert in everything fundraising.

Erica’s a natural. She enjoys it when campaigns are successful and clients are happy. She goes beyond your expectations every time.

And she’s proud to work on campaigns that not only deliver measurable outcomes, but also help your cause achieve its vision.

Erica’s aim is simple: to keep each of her clients saying ‘thank you’. Thus far she enjoys a 100% success rate!

And where would you find Erica when she’s not working?

“I’m at the beach playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.”

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