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I woke up this morning, had my coffee and watched the news. As headlines yelled trump adds fuel to the fire, I thought ‘I can’t handle anymore of this negativity’. With all this talk and noise of discrimination, marriage inequality and war it feels like we’re heading towards an imminent apocalypse. And it’s getting harder and harder to stay positive because things are spiralling out of control and all we can do is watch. But should we? After this mornings frustrations, my feelings of hopelessness were tenfold. So I started to do some research and found an interesting Huffington Post article. It’s about the negative impact of negative news (which let’s face it, makes up about 80% of content atm). ...

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C’mon. Honestly… image

…would you have swum with whales or gone to the meeting? I’m sure you have a morning ritual. What I like to do when I get up is go for a sunrise swim at the beach. Anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago I had a breakfast meeting scheduled with a client, a PR agency and me. My plan was to make the meeting on time (duh), to drive to the beach for a quick look instead of a swim and then go to the train. …but you know how nothing goes to plan, right?… Because right there, just 20 meters past the breakers, three humpback whales were chilling in the sun…they looked like giant smooth otters bobbing in slow motion…literally ...

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Opinion: As an industry, are we failing the public? image

…. are we failing the public? I can’t remember my first experience with charity. But I do remember the first time I donated to one. I was an 18-year-old student. Walking through Avalon with a friend, I was approached by a lovely tall lady who worked for a charity. She asked if I’d make a donation and while I said ‘No’ at first, I found 20 minutes later I was signing my name to a monthly donation form. For a split second, I thought ‘Wow, I feel good because I’m now a donor, giving to charity for a worthy cause’. But like I said, that was for a split second. Then came a feeling of hostility toward the charity. I didn’t ...

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#ethicalnotethical… image

… Should TOMS use poor children to sell TOMS shoes? Okay everybody. So here’s my quandary: TOMS brand of shoes has built a global ‘shoe-selling’ company on the promise that for every pair of sandals sold a poor child gets a pair of sandals too. Their slogan is: One for One. It’s a great promise and a nice thought. But is it ethical? I mean, when we used to pay super models hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote shoes, surely paying a poor starving child a pair of sandals to do the same job is questionable at least. TOMS is a shoe brand that makes profits…no question about it. …But… TOMS are also doing good for the world. Through your ...

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The Samoan way will change your life (or improve it at the very least). I was talking to a good friend of mine this morning about my surf trip to Samoa and how – surprisingly – my biggest take out wasn’t the perfect waves, pristine reefs and once in a lifetime chance to play Robinson Crusoe, but rather how connected Samoan people are to each other and the world they live in. To be honest, we all know we’re getting a bums rush at connectivity. We spend hours on social media enjoying the dream of connectivity. But c’mon. Facebook, Linkedin, and the rest of them are no substitute for look-you-in-the-eyes connection. It’s just not! So today, between your meetings, greetings, blogs, pods ...

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