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… Should TOMS use poor children to sell TOMS shoes? Okay everybody. So here’s my quandary: TOMS brand of shoes has built a global ‘shoe-selling’ company on the promise that for every pair of sandals sold a poor child gets a pair of sandals too. Their slogan is: One for One. It’s a great promise and a nice thought. But is it ethical? I mean, when we used to pay super models hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote shoes, surely paying a poor starving child a pair of sandals to do the same job is questionable at least. TOMS is a shoe brand that makes profits…no question about it. …But… TOMS are also doing good for the world. Through your ...

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The video that broke the internet’s heart video

With 17 million view across Facebook and Youtube, our awareness video for Children’s Medical Research Institute broke all records. This truly emotional brand awareness video tells a story, without words, just a song, of what is every parent’s nightmare. At the same time it highlights the mission of the Children’s Medical Research Institute. See the full case study here. It outlines our approach in creating a tailored social seeding strategy to reach a targeted and invested audience. We’d like to thank everyone involved for all their hard work and dedication.

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