…would you have swum with whales or gone to the meeting?

I’m sure you have a morning ritual. What I like to do when I get up is go for a sunrise swim at the beach.

Anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago I had a breakfast meeting scheduled with a client, a PR agency and me.

My plan was to make the meeting on time (duh), to drive to the beach for a quick look instead of a swim and then go to the train.

…but you know how nothing goes to plan, right?…

Because right there, just 20 meters past the breakers, three humpback whales were chilling in the sun…they looked like giant smooth otters bobbing in slow motion…literally swimming where I swim every day.

Obviously, I strip down to my jockos and dive in.

I emailed everyone first and left voice mails letting people know that I wasn’t going to make the meeting, because (holy shit!) I’m swimming with whales!

You know I was so excited I even sent them photos.

At the time I thought this was the right thing to do.

I’d never swum with whales before. I saw it as a chance of a lifetime. Something to grab with both hands. A story I’ll tell to my grandkids.

The meeting was important to me, but I put the whales into the ‘life comes first’ category. I thought others would too.

Apparently, I might have been wrong.

My client was mad. And the PR agency was, quote,  “disappointed”.

So, now I’m left ‘unbalanced’ and in need of your opinions:

Do you think a once in a lifetime experience is a worthy reason to miss a meeting? Would you have been understanding if I’d cancelled on you and why?