Caritas Famine Appeal – $3 million and counting

The Video

A crisis no one reported. Results no one expected.

Famine is raging across multiple African countries. The death toll is destined to be greater than Ethiopia in the eighties. It’s hard to fathom why a tragedy of this nature doesn’t make the nightly news.

But, that’s what unfolded earlier this year when famine struck South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen simultaneously.

With no real coverage of the crisis, only a small number of people were aware.
And Caritas Australia desperately needed their help.

Connect to people
who care

When Caritas Australia approached us to launch their famine appeal we knew the two strategies that were critical to the campaign’s success.

Firstly, we needed to reach people that cared.

Secondly, we had to communicate the emotional magnitude of the crisis and why we needed help.

Our tactics

To reach people that cared we connected to the primarily Catholic audience with a powerful quote from popular Pope Francis, spelling out his beliefs on poverty

To communicate ‘urgent need’ in a simple and strong way we decided on repeating across every medium one core-image that communicated vulnerability.

To combat the lack of coverage from the media, we plastered that one image everywhere we could – from notice board posters, to diocesan kits, Direct Mail, Digital, Print in Catholic Newspapers and even through to DRTV script and production.

To date this appeal has delivered over $3M dollars – raising the most of any Australian African Emergency appeal, in fact more than all the other appeals combined.

We’re proud to say that with so many lives on the line our team was able to deliver.

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