Giving kids their playtime back


  • A fun, exciting thank you to all Cancer Council NSW supporters
  • A Human-centered moment of surprise and delight
  • Above average donations for a donor care pack



There are so many ways to say thank you to donors. And sometimes you can use more than just words. Our primary objectives were to share some heart-warming success stories and also to warm up the hearts of donors in the lead-up to Christmas.

As we always do with donor care, we strove to take our donors on a full, rewarding emotional journey. This was a chance to help Cancer Council donors feel the full impact they have on young lives.

The result was a human-centred ‘Thank You’ that went far beyond a simple letter to turn donors into true believers.

Enter William, Madison and Emily

Three brave kids who have all fought cancer. Their stories are just so raw and emotional that it tears me up just to write about them.

After working with these children on various appeal packs, we realised how much their bravery had changed us and how we saw things.

These kids just wanted to be normal again. After working closely with them, we realised that for them,  beating cancer meant more time to play. We decided to share this simple, emotive idea with our donors. After all the research, the treatments and the surgeries, they were helping these three little kids to smile, play, dance and just enjoy life again. They were…

Giving kids their playtime back

Having worked out the idea, we needed to bring it to life. So queue the photo-shoot, face painting and disco, and let’s just see what happens! Working closely with photographer Jesse Smith, we captured real, heart-warming photos and video to share with donors. All the while William, Madison and Emily were having a ball – and they really deserved to.


The campaign launched with 40,000 DM packs and a video that garnered a swell of online interest. It is still one of Cancer Council NSW’s favourite campaigns.

The Video

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