Nepal Emergency Appeal delivered in 48 hours


  • 23:1 ROI
  • $4.4 million dollars raised
  • 57% of donors new to UNICEF
  • 48-hour turnaround


A sudden earthquake

The stakes are high when it comes to emergency appeals. Somewhere, thousands of human lives hang in the balance. Waiting for you to get your campaign to market, collect money and send them the lifesaving food, water, shelter or medicine they need.

The Nepal Earthquake was no exception. The team at UNICEF knew the lives of tens of thousands of children were at risk. UNICEF needed a quick, effective campaign ASAP.

The Saturday night call

In these situations our business model goes into overdrive. We knew that night that an emergency was being called. The next step was to contact each member of our extended team and put them on stand-by “ready to do what’s needed” as soon as the client pressed the button.

48 hours later we delivered over 39 separate pieces of communications from online to outdoor to print to DM – a full, consistent campaign for the Nepal Emergency Appeal.


Millions raised in 7 days

UNICEF was first to market and raised a total of $4.4 million – almost 50% of which was raised within the first 7 days. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars a day to help children in dire need of our support.

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