A new human-centred peer2peer brand


  • New brand and rollout for peer2peer fundraising
  • New custom online platform
  • Communications plan to motivate and inspire



UNHCR delivers humanitarian aid to refugees all over the world. 
And their supporters are a uniquely dedicated and passionate group. We were charged with creating a peer2peer brand with printed collateral and a dedicated place for them to learn more, get involved, and do what they do best.

The Project

The last thing we wanted to do was create a peer2peer brand that missed the mark. So in depth research into the dedicated fundraisers for UNHCR gave us insights into what engages them. These fundraisers were the best advocates any charity could hope for. The kind that would run 42kms in the heat to raise money to help find a refugee a home. Or provide medical support to someone after a monstrous earthquake. These fundraisers were heroes for humanity.

That led us to Team UNHCR – Heroes for Humanity.

With our key insights in hand we created the look and feel for a peer2peer brand with humanity at the core. We also created a tone of voice, brand values and branded fundraising tools. Each element is guided by research into the world of the peer2peer target market. We borrowed elements from music, fashion, travel, exercise groups and pop culture to create a brand that appeals to its target audience.


UNHCR supporters have embraced it and already we see it emblazoned on social medias pages, shirts, hats, and cars! The brand team is also in love with their new creation. They now have a smart flexible functional fundraising tool. To show their appreciation, UNHCR retained March One to manage 
the growth and success of Team UNHCR…Heroes for Humanity.

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