Brave, Hilarious,
Pink Ribbon Women


To our brave, hilarious, spunky Pink Ribbon Women,
Without you we would have failed in our mission to inspire NSW to beat all women cancers for Pink Ribbon Day, including breast cancer. So thank you.

You’ve faced and defeated cancer. But still, it takes enormous strength and courage to volunteer to be photographed naked by Jez Smith, one of Australia’s top photographers.
Not to mention, to have that photo published on billboards, street-vertising, shopping centres, sent to thousands of homes statewide and let loose on the internet.
You’re an inspiration to us all. Your efforts helped raise over 5 million dollars in the fight to beat all women cancers.
Sincerely, the gracious team at March One.

The idea for Pink Ribbon Day was to symbolically unite women under the pink ribbon banner. This campaign also introduced the expansion from breast cancer research to all women cancers.