Freeview Plus

Freeview Plus

Freeview faced a challenge – in the face of a growing list of products, their consumers were not aware of exactly what Freeview offered. On top of that, the unclear brand offering meant consumers were buying Freeview products and being let down, as they didn’t understand what their product could do. That’s where March One came in.

Better than Free

On top of creating a brand new brand architecture, March One came up with the idea “Better Than Free” to let consumers know that the product lets them go beyond the limitations of free TV. The new brand name and symbol, Freeview Plus, not only speaks to the added benefits of the product, but also represents a remote control – tapping into the key insight that consumers want control over their viewing.


The combined Freeview brand campaign and family of products received a 400x increase on click throughs, downloads and purchases – smashing expected targets.

Liz Ross
Chief Executive Office

“These days for the Freeview brand is absolutely critical. I need to work with a partner that I can trust, that’s smart, and strategic. I could see that  March One was like that. So how I found working with March One? You get an organization that will think very strategically about your problem.”